""Awakening Pathways of Self-Discovery"

"Awakening Pathways of Self-Discovery"


About Me


"David is a compassionate healer, an authentic being, and a spiritual warrior. He is a problem solver who thinks positively. He is willing to thrive in adversity, to challenge himself daily, to become his most genuine Self. David believes every experience we have and everything that we perceive is a reflection of what is evolving within us and that all sentient beings can overcome unconsciousness and attain enlightenment... a sacred gift that we have ALL been given."

"To Bring Compassion & Grace to All Beings, All Things, Always. This is My Decree." - David R. Walsh

I believe... "Our True Self resides deep within us, waiting to be re-claimed. The pathways to the Self require us to embrace our imperfect human nature with patience and compassion. This journey of self-exploration begins with conscious choice and a willingness to evolve. The expansions of self-awareness and deep, emotional healing offer a clearer perception of our inner journey and a restoration of our personal power. This inner journey illuminates the path of integration towards wholeness of mind, body, and spirit... ultimately leading us to the Self and our deepest, most loving Truth."


A poem by David R. Walsh

"My heart is a safe harbor,

a sacred space

For your mourning soul,

to find it's grace.

I am your sacred mirror,

where you may know peace

And through compassion,

Honor transcendent release.

Worry not, my beloved,

for love is the unparalleled way

And in becoming your truth,

fear can never lead you astray.

So let us traverse this journey together,

me as your guiding light

An ever burning passion,

piercing the darkest of night.

And you may uplift me,

with your radiantly divine might

At ease in your luminous presence,

a star shining fiercely bright.

We can learn to love unconditionally,

it is not so far away

As we nurture our soul's design,

and evolve with each passing day.

Yet only can we guide each other to the door,

our own truth be the key

Our souls will know then how to soar,

and in love we shall truly be free."

With Profound Gratitude towards All... Infinite Blessings and namaste

David R. Walsh, CHT, RMT




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